Bazooka Base / Spider High Hat

Regular price $1,200.00


CNC Machine

The Bazooka Base / Spider High Hat is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum all in house.


The base is 10″ in diameter and can have up to 12 different leg locations. You can purchase added stubby leg mounts to add legs. The base can have 3 legs or 4 legs.

The Legs

There are short and long legs. Short legs are for tighter spaces the long legs are more stable, if you have 4 long legs with skate wheels added the base will roll on dolly track. Skate wheels for the base are in the works.


The legs can have locking casters, leveling feet, or speed rail to make them very versatile.



  • Base with 3 legs (short or long) $1200.00
  • Base with 4 legs (short or long) $1400.00
  • Locking Casters (3) $150.00
  • Leveling feet Each (3) $120.00