Butt Dolly by 8 Ball Camera Support

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CNC Machine

The Butt Dolly is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum all in house.


The casters are the most important part of the dolly I make my own casters, I have engineered the trail in the forks to turn smooth with little effort the bearing in the fork is replaceable if needed you will never need another set of casters again.

The seat

The Butt Dolly has a bearing built into the seat so it will rotate makes for smooth direction changes. The seat height is adjustable from the ground to the top of the seat 18″ to 24″ with a telescoping seat tube, you can also use standard 1 1/4 speed rail. The base has a Mitchell mount so you can mount anything Mitchell to it. Specs are Seat thickness is 2″ thick measurements from the ground to the top of the seat in the lowest position is 9″ with a 2″ long piece of speed rail. The Od of the base is 17 1/2″