Raptor Hard Mount for Steadicam

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Raptor Hard Mount is a sturdy Steadicam® hard mount, which allows the operator can dial in roll and tilt angle, without the need of unmounting the arm when making adjustments.

Usually used on Dolly’s, camera rickshaw (including Raptor Rickshaw), tracking vehicles etc.

Available to ship: from October 30th, 2021

With Raptor Hard Mount, the shooter can mount it both on the left and right side, giving the operator a quick way of changing the setup on the fly if needed. The clamps can also easily be flipped if the operator wants the locking eye bolt screw on the opposite side. The tilt axis is easily controlled by allen key. Once the sled is positioned close to the center of gravity of the rig, turning the tilt adjustment is effortless, thus making it very quick and easy to find the correct angle where the sled does not want to drift either fore and aft or left to right.

Raptor Hard Mount includes female socket block, made out of stainless steel, which ensures compatibility with all universal male socket blocks on the market and comes with two 20mm custom 1-¼”-20 UNC adjustment knobs.

Mounting option:

  • Speed rail (scaffold) 48 – 51mm
  • Mitchell mount with Mitchell adapter

Raptor Hard Mount – How it looks like

Raptor Hard Mount – On set

How to adjustment with Raptor Hard Mount


  • Dimension: 170x170x140mm
  • Weight: 1.5kgs