Sneaker Dolly Standard Kit

Regular price $1,000.00


Standard Kit​ includes:

- Sneaker Base- made with CNC machined industrial grade 1/2" 6061 aluminum.

- Comfortable Sneaker Seat

- 6", 12" and 18" Center Pipes

- Pipe Coupler

- 10 thumb screws 

The key to a great butt dolly is the wheels. 
To achieve smooth motion and effortless direction changes, butt dolly casters must have precision bearings and high durometer wheels which can only be custom made.
After a few years of R&D we are proud to 
announce our latest line of high performance SuperGlide 100a durometer casters! These fire-engine red, state of the art skate wheels are custom made to exact specs just for Sneaker Dollies. The wheels are enclosed in a sleek, tough ABS housing to protect all moving parts from the elements. They are easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. These Sneaker Dolly wheels are like gliding on ice! 


Optional Accessories for The Sneaker Dolly sold separately:

Mitchell Kit​

- Mitchell Block Accessory

- Mitchell Thread

- Mitchell Castle Nut

- Spare screws and Keyway screw

Pneumatic Kit​

- Pneumatic Pipe Module

- Baseplate w/ adjustment lever

​- Four 3 inch riser posts