VooDoo Cloth

Regular price $179.00


Matthews Studio Equipment is introducing VOODOO cloth diffusion. VOODOO cloth is a full density fabric that produces extremely soft diffusion that is suitable for overheads and butterflies as well as 4'x4's when used with large, single-point light sources such as sunlight or fresnel fixtures.

Initially utilized to produce soft, non-specular diffusion from multi-lamped LED fixtures, VOODOO cloth produces large amounts of ambient light bounce when utilized as an overhead or butterfly.

PN 169211 4'x4' Slip Over: $175.00
PN 319752 6'x6' Butterfly: $200.00
PN 319755 8'x8' Butterfly: $260.00
PN 319753 12'x12' Overhead: $480.00
PN 319754 20'x20' Overhead: $960.00