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Creeper Butt Dolly - Smooth Operator Ultra Quiet Dolly

Creeper Butt Dolly - Smooth Operator Ultra Quiet Dolly

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The Creeper Butt-Dolly was designed a few years ago by Key Grip Carlos Boiles and time tested on TV shows. Its current claim to fame is the TV show 24. The hand-held camera operator can sit on the dolly and crab, push, or pull their way across a stage while keeping the subject matter in perfect frame. 

The Creeper Butt-Dolly is a must-have for low-angle, dynamic, hand-held camera movement on a variety of smooth or semi-smooth surfaces. New, super-quiet casters and wheels provide ultra-smooth direction changes and fast, effortless moves.

Use this lightweight camera dolly as an "over-keeper", or to move aggressively at lower angles. The clear base allows the assistant to see their focus marks, while the ultra-comfortable seat can be adjusted to variable heights up to 25", using any of the 4 quickly adjustable risers included. The seat also functions as a cradle to accommodate ultra-low, "dog pov" angles, or remove the seat assembly for an operating height of 4". Base diameter is 18". Used for years on many action dramas, the Creeper Butt-Dolly is finally available to the public. 

The Creeper Butt-Dolly Includes:

  • (1) 5" tall 5-Wheel Platform
  • (5) 3" diameter wheels
  • (1) 4" thick Padded Comfort Seat
  • (2) 9" seat-riser poles
  • (2) 12" seat-riser poles
  • (2) 15" seat-riser poles
  • (2) 18" seat-riser poles
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