5/8" to 34mm Swivel Clamp SET

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16mm (5/8) to 34mm SWIVEL CLAMP
With this set you can get unit from 34mm to 34mm at the same time you can also get 16mm (5/8)  to 16mm (5/8) clamp.

 Set includes:
1x Black Swivel clamp 16mm (5/8) (4 Pieces)
1x Golden Swivel Clamp 34mm (4 Pieces) 
1x M6x45mm DIN 912 A-2 Steel Stainless allen bolt (for black swivel clamp)
2x M6x65mm DIN A-2 stainless steel allen bolt (for join to black & golden Clamp)
1x M6x85mm DIN A-2 stainless steel allen bolt (for golden swivel clamp)
2x Stainless steel Spring A-2