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Elephant Blocks

Elephant Blocks

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Elephant Blocks

Take a really abstract approach to an already field-proven design and you get a product with a 'footprint' that offers greater stability. As a result of having a larger surface area and by having three feet, it makes leveling a whole lot easier! We just couldn't call it anything else - Elephant Blocks!

Manufactured of the highest quality 9-ply 'Baltic Birch' plywood, Elephant Blocks replace conventional Basso Blocks. The improved design allows them to stack in limitless configurations in 1" increments while accomplishing the same elevating function and support as Bassos. And they occupy less space! Elephant that's a real trunk full!

PN 259570 - 10pcs 2" Elephant Block set
PN 259568 - 10pcs 4" Elephant Block set.

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