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Mini Savior Clamp

Mini Savior Clamp

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 Mini-Savior Clamp 

is the miniature version of its big sibling the Savior Clamp. It has two uniquely shaped jaws that clamp firmly onto any shape: round, square, or flat. The clamps jaws always have multiple points of contact thus creating more grip. The Savior Clamp Mini has 1/4-20 and 3/8-16  threads on its jaws. This makes it possible to mount multiple pieces of equipment on the clamp. It also has a kipp style lever to accommodate fastening in small spaces.

The Mini-Savior Clamp is patent protected.

  • Clamping Size: 0-1.2 in
  • Maximum Load: 20lbs
  • (2x) 1/4-20  Threaded Hole
  • (1x) 3/8-16  Threaded Hole


 "The articulating jaws are designed to firmly grip 5/8 or 3/8 rods or an irregular shape. Perfect for clamping an arm to mount your monitor on the dolly, attach accessories to the camera, to the  pan handle, or clamping in those hard to reach areas.  The tapped 3/8 hole can accept a bolt on baby pin, or a small ball head, for example. There are ¼ tapped holes on both jaws for attaching smaller accessories.  The nylon thrust bearing makes tightening the adjustable kipp-style handle very easy. It is a truly cool tool"  CS

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