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10" Rigging Suction Cup Upgrade Kit

10" Rigging Suction Cup Upgrade Kit

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Already have a 10″ Wood’s Powr-Grip suction cup? Want to upgrade it with CineMilled parts? Now you can!

Extremely modular and versatile our 10″ round rigging suction cup can be one of the main anchor points of your rigging kit due to the size of the cheeseplate and mounting options it provides and hold strength. The 10″ cup can hold 179lb!

Innovative multi use modular top cheese plate design.Upgrade your existing 10″ suction cup base with the CineMilled Upgrade kit today!

Mount CineMilled Universal Gimbal Mounts, CineMilled Speedrail “Houdini” Clamps, CineMilled Speedrail Starters, CineMilled “Grenades” and more!(1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes and thru holes.)

Featuring high quality “Wood’s Powr-Grip” suction cup base.The 10″ cup can hold 179lbs.

Includes hard plastic protective cover.

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