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6″ Suction Cup with Cheese Block

6″ Suction Cup with Cheese Block

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This unit combines a 6″ Suction Cup from Wood’s Powr-Grip® with a “Cheese Block” from 9.Solutions to create a versatile vaccum cup rigging point. The “CheeseBlock” has (9) 3/8″ drilled and tapped holes and (10) 1/4″ 20 holes for attaching multiple items.


Wood’s Powr-Grip® Suction Cup:

  • 6″ Diameter non-marring natural rubber vacuum pad
  • Load Capacity of 70 lbs. (32 kg)
  • Attaches to flat or curved, smooth, nonporous surfaces
  • Red-line indicator appears when vacuum loss occurs
  • Check Valve allows re-pumping without loss of vacuum pressure
  • Lift tabs on vacuum pad edges permit instant release
  • Supplied with vacuum pad protector

9.Solutions Cheese Block:

  • (9) 3/8″ 16 drilled and tapped holes
  • (10) 1/4″ 20 drilled and tapped holes
  • (4) 1/4″ holes for mounting to Suction Cup
  • Attach items from either of the (6) sides and from  the top plate
  • Mounting Block Top Plate is 2.0″ (51.25mm) across at widest point
  • Mounting Block is 1.5″ (38mm) tall
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