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Action Arm

Action Arm

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Our unique “Action Arm” provides a versatile vertical isolation device for any gimbal.

Comes with the most advanced FOX Air/oil shock with 4-way advanced dampening control and a shock pump.

Mounts to a single or double 1-1/4 speedrail tube.

Price includes custom carry case.

Our unique “Action Arm” provides a versatile vertical isolation device for any gimbal! Please watch our videos for a much more detailed look at everything our arm can do.

The “Action Arm” is built very strongly. We decided to go for strength rather than lighter  weight in order to provide a solid platform for the widest payload range possible. We wanted a versatile tool to keep in your kit that allows you to isolate professional gimbals like the Ronin2 but also larger cinema heads or even really heavy R2 builds.

The most important aspect of this payload flexibility is the ease and speed of adjustment of the spring tension via the air shock and an included shock pump. Quickly reset your spring tension by just changing the air pressure inside the shock.

The Fox Float X2 shock is a top of the line 4 way adjustable air/oil shock. Besides the air spring you can adjust Low Speed compression and Rebound damping as well as High Speed compression and rebound. This gives you the ultimate control over the vertical motion of your isolating arm. You can tune for big “sharp/fast” hits and slow/undulating bumps.

Our simple single pivot design allows us to make for very few moving parts, which makes it very reliable and simple. It also allows for an easy breakdown and makes it extremely portable. Small enough to slide it into a backpack if you need it to become that portable.

It also comes in a hard plastic case with custom cut foam and a special FOX Shock pump.

The arm has an industry standard Mitchell mount hole. This allows you to simply bolt on any existing “X-Y” adaptors and other vibrations isolators to increase the performance and isolation for the final shot.

Because of using a Mitchell you can easily unsling a gimbal or oversling a gimbal with no big changes or parts needed to change the configuration. This can be a real time saver!

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