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Carbon Fiber Speedrail

Carbon Fiber Speedrail

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When performance and looks matter, nothing comes close to Carbon Fiber.

The lightest, strongest and most attractive material to make anything stronger and lighter.

High Performance speedrail for your vehicle rigging or “skater” dolly needs!

  • 50% Lighter than aluminium speedrail
  • 75% Stronger than aluminium speedrail (bending force)
  • 3mm wall thickness
  • UV protection coating

Our carbon fiber tubes have a very generous wall thickness of 3mm which gives us very high strength compared to aluminium in bending yet still over 50% lighter than comparable schedule 40 aluminium Speedrail tubing.

Here are the weight for our High performance CF speedrail:
(42mm is what we call 1-1/4″ in USA and 48mm is what we call 1-1/2″ speedrail)
***please watch our speedrail sizing video for further clarification***

42mm OD a.k.a in USA as 1-1/4″ speedrail (1.66″ OD)
42mm x 1000mm = 550 grams (19.4oz)
42mm x 2000mm = 1100 grams (38.8oz)

48mm OD a.k.a in USA as 1-1/2″ speedrail (1.90″ OD)
48mm x 1000mm = 350 grams (22.9oz)
48mm x 2000mm = 1250 grams (44.09oz)

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