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Cardellini Laser Pointer ( Green or Red ) with or without Mini Clamp

Cardellini Laser Pointer ( Green or Red ) with or without Mini Clamp

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Key Features
  • Compact Laser Pointer
  • Suitable for Darkness or Night Use
  • Stay-On Switch
  • Uses 2 x AAA Batteries

Measure distances and pinpoint grip equipment placement with this Laser Pointer from Cardellini. The laser is easily seen in darker and night time environments. The pointer tube is made of durable, painted black brass and can be mounted onto a stand or rig with a compatible 0.531" diameter clamp.
On one end of the tube is a stay-on switch so you can leave the laser in-place while you're working. It measures 5.4" long and weighs only 1.7 oz with the batteries installed. The laser pointer uses two separately available AAA batteries.
Focusing directly on a laser beam may result in temporary or permanent eye damage. Extra care should always be taken when using a laser pointer.

Cardellini Swiveling Laser Pointer Holder (0.531" Clamp)

Clamp your Cardellini laser pointer to a mini clamp, stand, or rig with this steel Swiveling Laser Pointer Holder. The durable holder clamps around your 0.531"-diameter laser pointer and locks with a knurled locking knob. The holder mounts onto a clamp or stand with the 3/8" pin on the end and can pan and tilt using its swivel joints.

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