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Magliner Junior Cart (2x 24" Shelves)

Magliner Junior Cart (2x 24" Shelves)

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  • Folded: 25" x 18"x 52"
  • Unfolded Cart: 25" x 43"x 40"
  • Weight: 80lbs
This durable Cart offers 24" carpeted shelves and a 600 lb load capacity in an upright truck configuration, and a 1200 lb capacity as a platform truck. Removing the shelves provides extra space in its upright mode and the 18" x 10" aluminum nose ensures superior stability and reliability. Use the sturdy grips to ensure a smoother and more controlled experience when transporting gear - weighing just 80lbs when folded and measuring 25" x 18"x 52" when unfolded.

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