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Hudson Slider

Hudson Slider

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Introducing the 2' to 4' Compound Camera Slider – the perfect solution for filmmakers needing the versatility of a 4' slider with increased precision and portability. The innovative compounding system preserves the quality of a 4 footer without the flex and end supports, and halved the size for easy transport. With no compromises in quality, it’s the perfect addition to any filmmaker’s toolkit.




  • Replaces 2’, 3’ and 4’ sliders

  • No need for end supports in 4’ slider mode, freeing up your dolly to do dolly things, like move.

  • 1/2 the size of other 4’ sliders. Both upper and lower slides fitted with independent bearings, compounding overall slide length.

  • Built for full size camera packages

  • Rotating base with cross roller bearings, eliminating the need for clunky rotating offsets.

  • Ultra quiet movement

  • Made in the USA with highest grade Japanese bearings and rails.

  • We proudly offer a total satisfaction money back guarantee.


  1. height - 6” / 15.24cm

  2. length - 29” / 73.66cm

  3. width - 9.5” / 24.13cm

  4. weight - 46.4lbs / 21.05kg

  5. capacity 15-100lbs / 6.8-45.4kg

  6. Mitchell mount

Kit includes:

  • Slider

  • Waterproof road case

    • custom high-density foam insert

  • Toolset

  • Low mode accessories

    • Outrigger x 2

    • levelling bipod x 2

    *solid base required for use without outrigger support.



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