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Houdini Speedrail Clamp Set (Fixed) 1-1/2"

Houdini Speedrail Clamp Set (Fixed) 1-1/2"

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4 Stainless locking pins can be used to change the angle with NO PLAY!

Dual sided clamp design means super secure speedrail locking pressure.

Female side can be used to mount many things to speedrail.

Male side can be used on CineMilled Hitch Mount.

Tired of speedrail clamps that give you sloppy connections? Me too. Proud to introduce the best “cheeseborough” type speedrail clamp made. The super tough and solid CineMilled “Houdini” clamps!!

Once we began testing our new Action Arm I had to start building the rigging kit on both my SUV and pickup truck and quickly began to get frustrated with existing speedrail “cheeseborough” type clamps because of the “play” that all the clamps I was using had. So we developed the ultimate adjustable “handcuff” or “cheeseborough” speedrail clamp. So strong even Houdini couldn’t get out of them!!

We designed 4 stainless steel pins that allow you to rotate and change the angle of the clamps in relation to each other and then you can tighten the two sides together. We also added an easy access hole on the outside of the clamp to allow you to tighten the two sides together without having to take the top clamp off.

You can select 90 and 45 degree angles with no play!

We also added a few 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 holes on the outside to allow you to mount baby pins or attach other aks onto the clamp. This gives you even more options for rigging!

You can also take the clamp apart and use each side for other things!

The female side can be used to mount speedrail horizontally to our CineMilled Suction Cups. You can also use them to mount many things onto speedrail. Including gimbals, cameras and many other things. There are a few 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 threaded holes that give you many options for mounting.

The Male side can also be used on the CineMilled hitch mount to mount additional speedrail tubes to the hitch mount.

If your unsure or confused on what size to order….Watch this video that explains Speedrail Sizing in detail!!

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