Cucullo Hood Mount System

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The Cucullo Hood Mount system starts with 1-¼” brackets that allow the use of our modified pipe legs that are drilled and tapped with 3/8” and opposite ½” female thread. This allows you to add additional accessories to the top while the bottom utilizes the ½” tread to except the Swivel Foot Screw Jack. The Slider Brackets with set screws allow for quick positioning and mounting of the selected type of 2020 plate, Quatturo 4 Way Leveler, or Brevis Ball level. 


  • 1-¼” Modified Pipe Legs with 3/8” and ½” female thread 
  • Use 2020 Cheese Plates (8”x10”) or 1995 Cheese Plates (10”x14”) 
  • Cucullo Hood Mount Bracket accepts 1-¼” Pipe horizontally and vertically 
  • Full configurable in height and length. 
  • Black Finish

      *Speedrail pipe not included.