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Flop Daddy™

Flop Daddy™

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The Flop Daddy™ is light enough to carry anywhere and can be fastened securely to a 4x4 floppy in seconds making it the ultimate solution for glare and lack of visibility.

This game-changing innovation instantly transforms any 4x4 floppy into a shaded glare-free screening room, so you can focus on what really matters.

Flop Daddy™ is ideal for DPs, Directors/ADs, Script Writers, Camera Operators, Key Grips, Gaffers, and more. 


  • Slips on to any 4x4 floppy.

  • Waterproof materials.

  • 2 roll up sides with mesh window inner layer.

  • Travels in a sleek shoulder bag.

  • White outside, black inside.

It’s a no-brainer, don’t get caught without yours.

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