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Freedom Car Mount System

Freedom Car Mount System

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Want to mount a heavier cinema camera on a car, truck, boat or any non-porous surface? No problem - now that MSE's Freedom Car Mount System is here. It's really the creative options that make this car mount different. A 360 degree rotating grip head is secured to your foundation with a 10" vacuum cup (also known as Pump Cup or Suction Cup), cheese plate and MSE's new Ricky Rods. The swivel head easily slides across two of the Ricky Rods for easy positioning.

In addition to rotating 360 degrees, this set up allows for a 90-degree swivel. Because the camera plate uses a standard hole pattern with threads and slots, you can mount using your dovetail slide plate or even place your camera directly on it. Freedom Car Mount kits include right angle adapters for more flexibility when trying to shoot the wheel or a car or get that must-have passenger/driver profile shot. The quick heads are easily and rapidly secured because the large T-handle secures both the head and the opposite receiver simultaneously. The package also includes 6" vacuum cups, 2.5" grip heads, and the new quick struts for extra stability and safety.

Got an even heavier camera? No problem - the system can be beefed up depending on your needs and provides the freedom to be mounted in any configuration.

Freedom Car Mount System Components: (1) 10" Vacuum Cup w/Swivel Head PN 417022 (1) Swivel Head w/Camera Mount PN 415180 (2) 6" Vacuum Cup w/5/8" Pin PN 427000 & (8) Ricky Rods PN 415178M (2) 2.5" Quick Heads PN B350585, (2) Right Angle Ricky Rods PN 415179 (2) 5/8" Baby Pin w/3/8" Thread PN 429679 & (2) Quick Struts PN 415179 **Please note all these components are included in purchase of the Freedom Mount**

PN 415177

Components 'A La Carte': PN B350585 - Quick Head PN 417022 - 10" Vacuum Cup w/Swivel Head PN 415180 - Swivel Head Camera Mount PN 427000 - 6" Vacuum Cup w/Baby Pin PN 415176 - Quick Struts, List Price $15.00 PN 429679 - 1/2-13 to 5/8" Baby Pin Adapters PN 350580 - 2.5" Grip Head

Ricky Rods PN 415178M - 10" Ricky Rods PN 415179 - Right Angle Ricky Rods

Accessories: MICROGrip Rods 1/4" & 3/8" thread (lengths: 4", 6", 8", 12", 20"), MICROGrip Heads, MiniGrip Heads, Shoe Adapter, Matthellinis Mini Matthellinis, 1/4"-3/8" or 1/2-13" to 5/8" Baby Pins

**Please note the components listed in the drop down menu are additional cost add-ons.**

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