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Gig Gloves with Fold-Over Fingertips

Gig Gloves with Fold-Over Fingertips

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TPR molding on back of hand and fingers ensures ultimate protection against impact, abrasions or pinching; an articulating design ensures reduced fatigue even during long periods of use.

Fold-over fingertips on the thumb, pointer and middle fingers allow for use of smaller tools and items without having to remove the gloves. The new design keeps the fingers covered even when hyperextending. A padded grip provides palm protection while allowing a strong grip for carrying, even in slippery conditions. While the ability to open the fingertips is useful for working with touchscreens, Gig Gloves allow for use of touchscreen devices WITHOUT removing the gloves. They will work with touchscreen devices right through the fabric. A hook is included on every glove for attachment options. Breathable mesh material allows sweat and moisture to evaporate out keeping the hands dry and the gloves free of stink. Tough, durable material and strong nylon threading provides protection and long lasting use. The Original Gig Gloves are available in 6 sizes from XS - XXL.

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