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MAG - Tight – Camera Windshield Mount

MAG - Tight – Camera Windshield Mount

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 Key Features

  • Magnetic Sandwich-Style Window Mount
  • Two Magnets Connect for Strong Bond
  • 4 x RigMount 100 Magnets Included
  • Mini Grip Head Mount
  • 10" Articulating Friction Support Arm
  • Magnet's Rubber Coating Protects Surface
  • 50 lb of Vertical Pull Resistance
  • Rare-Earth Magnets

 The RigWheels MAG-Tight Magnetic Camera Windshield Mount is a magnetic camera car mount that uses rare-earth magnets to achieve a strong bond. This set consists of four disk magnets, a mini grip head mount, a 10" friction support arm, a shoe adapter, and all the hardware required to assemble the mount. The magnets are designed to connect through a glass window or windshield, or to a steel surface if used individually.

Each magnet has a special rubber coating to both protect the surface you mount on and prevent slippage while preserving the pull strength of the magnet. The advantage of a magnetic mount over a suction mount is that it doesn't lose its holding strength over time. The magnets have up to a 50 lb pull resistance when joined together.

The magnets are designed to hold a small format camera such as DSLRs or action cameras. Secure your camera to a windshield by connecting its shoe mount to the mini grip head with shoe mount adapter on one magnet, then simply place the second magnet on the other side of the glass for an instant bond. For even more stability, use the second set of magnets by connecting the 10" articulating friction arm to the bottom of your camera with the 1/4"-20 barrel connector and support your gear from an additional angle.


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