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Mag-Tight Curve – Magnetic Window/Windshield Mount

Mag-Tight Curve – Magnetic Window/Windshield Mount

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 The award winning Mag-Tight windshield mount has been an exceptional solution for quickly and easily mounting cameras and other accessories inside vehicles.  RigWheels always strives to create new ways of doing things and ORIGINAL products and we’re happy to announce another first of it’s kind product and improvement to the Mag-Tight concept, the Mag-Tight Curve.  

The standard Mag-Tight kit has proven it’s utility over the past few years in productions all around the world and on many of your favorite automotive themed shows however, one consideration when using the setup was the inability to use windshield wipers or the need to place the system on a portion of windshield where the wipers would not pass over.  The new Mag-Tight Curve solves this problem with it’s domed surface which allow the wipers to pass over.

The rest of the system is identical to the original and the new curved magnets are interchangeable with the standard RigMount 100 magnets so customers who already own Mag-Tight kits can upgrade by purchasing two of the new RigMount 100 Curve magnets.

The Mag-Tight Curve kit includes 2 RigMount 100 Curve magnets, 2 standard RigMount 100 magnets, a mini grip-head with hot shoe adapter for the top side of the camera and a friction arm for the bottom side of the camera. Price is $275.00 (just $25.00 more than the original Mag-Tight version) and is shipping now.


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