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Micro Grip - Basic Kit

Micro Grip - Basic Kit

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Basic Kit PN 350611

1ea Base2ea

MICROGrip Heads1ea

8", 12", & 20" Rods

1 MICRO Shot Bag


This broad range of products has been developed around the MICROGrip head with only a 1.25" (32mm) diameter and tapped 3/8" rods of various lengths.

MICROGrip is great in the studio for table top and product imaging as well as miniature work. The micro-griphead allows all of the moves and features of its bigger 2-1/2" counterpart but in a smaller package. Accessories to the MICROGrip head include various lengths of 3/8" rods, weighted bases for increased stability, clips to hold props and objects, and micro shot bags plus a wide variety of micro scrims and flags.

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