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MITCHELL THREE LEGS is perfect to use as a support for any type of heads use with Mitchell base or bowl base. The level bubble adjustment is extremely fast due to its three legs that allow you to adjust the height by adjustable clamping lever M8.
We recommend the MITCHELL THREE LEGS especially for interiors of vehicles, Stairs, Rocky floors, Beach, Snow, etc..
We have also added 3/8 female threads if you want to give more stability by rigging from this point.

1x 250mm Black Main ring 
1x Black Mitchell base with 4x M8x16mm stainless steel allen bolt
3x 48.3mm (1"1/2) Black Starter pin
3x M10x40mm Stainless steel countersunk Screws
3x 80x48.3mm (1"1/2) Black Aluminium Pipe
3x 200x48.3mm (1"1/2) Black Aluminium pipe
6x 48.3mm (1"1/2) Black T Speed rail
6x M8x16mm Stainless steel Black adjustable clamping lever