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7" Inch LCD Monitor Hood Shade

7" Inch LCD Monitor Hood Shade

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  • Nylon Monitor hood fits most 7 Inch LCD monitors
  • It prevents sun-light or external light from entering the monitor screen and affords better visibility when using your camcorder's LCD screen in intense sun-light or artificial light.
  • The Hood for 7" Touchscreen Monitor provides glare protection when shooting outdoors and it is designed to fit available Touch monitors. The shade hood is lightweight at only 5 oz, and folds down flat when not in use.
  • Constructed of rigid plastic inserts covered in rugged nylon for durability, and the inserts help the hood to keep its shape. It securely attaches to the monitor with elastic bands, so there is no adhesive needed, and it can be easily removed. The outer 1/3rd of the bottom panel of the hood is made of elastic, which allows the hood to stretch so you can use the monitor's touch panel without removing the hood.

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