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PSC Complete Kit - Portable Speedrail System

PSC Complete Kit - Portable Speedrail System

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This compact and portable speedrail system allows users to build lengths of speedrail on demand without sacrificing strength and safety. It’s 20-piece kit containing over 40ft of 6061-T6 black anodized Performance Speedrail, 4x 1-1/2" speedrail Performance Speedrail Couplers (PSC’s), and a Hole Jig Kit for modifying existing speedrail to be compatible with the Performance Speedrail Couplers. Our customers have been asking for a rigging solution like this for years.

Includes all PSC components, ready to roll, in a convenient waterproof flight case.

4x Performance Speedrail Couplers (PSC)
1x PSC Flight Case
10x 4ft Performance Speedrails
2x 2ft Performance Speedrails
1x PSC Hole Jig
1x ¼” Drill Bit
1x ½” Step Drill Bit
1x 10mm Hex Wrench 

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