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Raptor Z - ISO 3 + (Heavy Springs)

Raptor Z - ISO 3 + (Heavy Springs)

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Raptor Z – Raptor ISO arm with heavy spring configuration (two springs on each side) will accommodate payloads of 10-30kg (22-66lbs), making it suitable for Remote Pan Tilt heads and any 3-Axis Gimbal system like DJI Ronin 2, Freefly Movi Pro, Movi XL or Shotover G1.

It is custom-designed to remove High-Frequency Vibrations & Dampens Low-Frequency Oscillations when shooting from moving platforms on rough terrain or paved roads. A finely balanced system of adjustable springs and hydraulic dampers give you a stable platform to achieve perfect results.


  • Provides Ultra-Smooth Stabilized Shots when Shooting At Any Speed On/Off Road, On Water
  • Set-up is Quick & Easy, No Technician Required
  • Adjustment for different equipment weight
  • Install ability on the one tube and quick mount by applying 2 aluminium clamps (diameter tube is 45-52 mm)
  • Interchangeable Mitchell base mounts
  • Underslung operator


  • Raptor Z Arm Payload: 
    • Single Spring Set : 10 – 20 kgs/22 – 44 lbs
    • Heavy Spring Set : 20 – 30 kgs/ 44 – 66 lbs (default package)
  • Lift range: 56cm
  • Product Weight: 11.30kgs/24.91 lbs


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