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Set Flex - Distro Cart

Set Flex - Distro Cart

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A Modular Mini Distro Cart built using a fully customizable pipe and fitting system.

Fits all of your standard LED, Tungsten, or HMI units with a fully adjustable shelf.

Want this cart shorter? Longer? Just slightly different? Its easy to cut the pipe to fit your exact specification or add additional pipe to build this into the cart you’ve always wanted.

This item is a kit and requires assembly. Detailed instructions, pre-cut pipe, and all of the fittings needed are provided. This product does not include the wood decking, but the exact dimensions needed are provided in our instruction document. By shipping this product without the wood and packed flat, we are able to offer FREE shipping in the United States on any of our carts.

Exterior Dimensions:

43” Long - 19” Wide - 34” Height

Build time ~ 1.5 Hour

This Cart usually ships within 7 days

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