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Set Lighting Technician's Handbook

Set Lighting Technician's Handbook

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This handbook is an informative and accessible guide for lighting technicians in motion picture and television production, providing the most comprehensive overview of set lighting available. This fifth edition features a detailed account of lighting, technology, safety, and professionalism, and also features expanded sections on controlling LED lights, color science, lighting control systems, wireless systems, Ethernet-based control systems, battery power, and protocols for small and large productions. Illustrated with images, the book covers the use of soft light, the effect of lighting angles, and how the gaffer and DP create lighting plans with actor blocking. This encyclopedia combines technical knowledge with expertise and humor. Ideal for lighting technicians, DOPs, and rigging crews, this text is also a great resource for students studying lighting, camera techniques, film production, and cinematography. Included is a revamped companion website with supplementary resources, forms, checklists, and images.

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