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360° Rotating Seat Cushion with memory foam (13.5x13.5x1.75 inches)

360° Rotating Seat Cushion with memory foam (13.5x13.5x1.75 inches)

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This swivel seat cushion has a combination of 100% memory foam and cooling gel top for optimal comfort. It's 13.5x13.5x1.75 inches in size. With a full 360-degree rotation, it helps to alleviate back, knee, or hip strain while getting in and out of seats. It's made with high-quality foam that holds its shape and feels soft and comfortable. Plus, the removable cover is machine washable. Note: Our swivel seat cushion size is 13.5x13.5x1.75 inches; please measure your car seat before purchasing to ensure it fits. This cushion may not swivel well on bucket seats.


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