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Super Viser End Jaw Clamp

Super Viser End Jaw Clamp

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Key Features: 
  • 66.1 lb Load Capacity
  • Hex Receiver and 5/8" Knurled Pin
  • Steel and Aluminum Construction

Designed for use as an accessory or substitute for a light stand or on its own as a support, the End Jaw, Super Viser Clamp from Kupo is a highly useful accessory on set or in the field. The clamp has a 17.5" main bolt with a channel (chamfered slot) cut into it to prevent its jaws from rotating when in use. Each clamp jaw is covered in a removable rubber surface that guaranties objects hold fast and aren't scratched. Capable of handling items weighing up to 66.1 lb, the clamp has a knurled 5/8" pin at one end and a hex receiver at the other for additional mounting options.


A clever groove notched into the back of the clamp keeps the jaws aligned with one another as they open and close.

Rubber Padded Jaws

Mechanical interlocking design instead of glue between the rubber pad and the aluminum die-casting jaws makes the rubber pad firmly attached to allowing secure mounting vertically or horizontally.

5/8" Pin

The threaded shaft terminates in a 5/8" pin for mounting lights or grip accessories.

Hex Receiver

The hex socket is compatible with Convi or Super Clamps for additional mounting options.

Beefy Handle

The ergonomically designed handle provides maximum torque.
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