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WRAPBOX - Bluetooth Apple Box Audio System

WRAPBOX - Bluetooth Apple Box Audio System

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The WRAPBOX is an apple box with a bluetooth audio system.

Durability: The WRAPBOX is made of 9 ply Baltic Birch. It's rugged, sharp, and age's well.

Volume: It won't be quiet on set. Since WRAPBOX 002 we've been filling stadiums and helping hundreds of crew members wrap with rhythm.

Aging: The WRAPBOX will age like leather boots. As your WRAPBOX puts in the hours on set or at home, the sound gets warmer. The way it looks and feels will be a reflection of its past environments and experiences. 

One of a Kind: Every WRAPBOX is one of a kind. Every box has its own serial number. 

WARRANTY: The WRAPBOX should last a life time or 2. The Komfort shop in Los Angeles, California will repair or replace all certified WRAPBOX products.

Dewalt Battery not included. 

WRAPBOX in circulation: 003,005,006,007,008,009,010,011,012, 013, 014, 

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